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Best Above Ground Pool

A-Z Best Above Ground Pool Guide

Welcome to Best Above Ground Pool Guide, the ultimate website for above ground pool reviews. When you’re looking to purchase a new above ground pool you want to make sure its the very best above ground pool to suit your needs. To help you achieve this, we have detailed reviews of all the very best above ground pools on the market, as well as accessories such as pumps and ladders.

The summer months are almost upon us and many people will be dreaming of swimming pools and BBQ’s. The only thing stopping this dream come true is the fact that you don’t have a quality pool in your garden.

However, their is no reason not to have a pool, you can find quality above ground pools for as little as a few hundred dollars. Even a very high-end above ground pools can cost as little as $500 dollars, so what are you waiting for?

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a lot of space, you don’t even need a range of expensive tools such as a pump or a pool cleaner, simply find the best above ground pool to suit your needs and you could have it up and ready for action by the weekend.

Top 10 Pools 2017


Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

Best Above Ground PoolSimply the best above ground pool on the market today! The Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool is a premium pool designed for large groups of people (10+).

Setting up this pool is fairly simple and should only require two people to get the job done. Simply find the flattest surface available and get to work, the entire pool can easily be set-up and then filled within a day. The pool comes with a DVD instruction manual so you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

The pool also comes equipped with a 1600g sand filter (to keep your pool as clean as possible), ladder for easy access, ground cloth and volleyball set for hours of endless fun.

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Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool Package

Best Above Ground Pool 2The Splash Polls Above Ground Round Pool is a premium pool with a lot going for it. This pool comes in a number of sizes, the 18 feet version being the smallest. You can also find it in:

  • 24 feet by 52 inches
  • 27 feet by 52 inches
  • 30 feet by 52 inches

Assembly can take quite some time so make sure you have a few friends on-hand for assembly, up to four people would be great. Simply find a level area to put the pool on, build it and fill it with water, it should take no more than a day to complete.

While this is an expensive pool, it is one that will last you a long time and therefore a great long-term investment. Due to the size it is a pool you won’t wish to move around much, if at all.

The pool does not come with a water cleaning system and therefore you will need to invest in a separate unit to avoid issues with the pool water.

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Intex Metal Frame Pool

Best Above Ground Pool By IntexThe Intex Metal Frame Pool is the perfect step up if you wish to move from an in inflatable pool to something much more sturdier. While it may lack in some areas when compared with more expensive metal frame pools, this model is still great value for money.

The metal frame is quick and simple to construct and can be easily taken down during the winter months. The pool comes with an instruction DVD so you should have no issues with assembly. All parts are incredibly durable which should see this pool last many years., unlike many other pools on the market today.

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Intex Easy Set Pool

Best Above Ground Pool 3If you’re looking for the best above ground pool but happen to be on a very tight budge, this could be the pool for you.

Inflatable pools are far cheaper than the other types of pools available, they are also very easy to assemble, you could have this pool up and running within the hour.

Storing the pool in winter is also easy, taking it down is as easy as putting it up, all you need is a small garage or shed to store it in.

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Intex Oval Frame Pool

Intex Oval Frame PoolThe Intex Oval Frame Pool is simply one of the best on the market today. a mid-price pool that comes with glowing consumer reviews. The pool is big enough for up to 6 people at a time while not requiring too much space.

To set the pool up you simply need a level area to place the pool, assemble the rust-proof snap-on joints (no need for tools) and away you go. This pool comes with a 1,000gph filter, ladder, cover and the drain plug which accepts your normal garden hose allows drainage to wherever you choose.

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Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool

Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool

The Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool is incredibly easy to setup and comes with just about everything you need (excluding filter pump). The pool has a radius of 18 feet and will fit in most back yards regardless of space while allowing four or five people in side at any one time.

The pool is made from top-quality parts which are rust resistant and should see you through the years without any issues whatsoever, a real bargain at such a low price.

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Embassy Above Ground Pool

Best Above Ground Pool By EmbassyThe Embassy Above Ground Pool is a premium pool with a pretty hefty price tag. Made from baked enamel steel for both flexibility and strength this pool should last you for years and years.

The pool is large enough for up to 6 people, however, erection may take some time as the pool holds up to 15,008 gallons at a time. Because of it’s size it is not a pool that you are going to be moving around throughout the year.

With the pool you get a heavy duty blue pool liner, skimmer, 17″ sand filter, 1 horse power Omega pump, pool ladder, pool vacuum, net and brush.

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Splash Pools Oval Package

Best Above Ground Pool By Splash PoolsIf you’re looking for the best above ground pool and money is no object then this may be the pool for you. The Splash Pools Oval Package is designed to be a permanent fixture. The durable build is backed with a 15 year manufacturers warranty to give you peace of mind.

The pool comes in three different sizes:

  • 30 feet by 15 feet
  • 33 feet by 18 feet
  • 45 feet by 18 feet

The large sizes means the pool is perfect for large families or those who wish to host parties throughout the summer.

Construction isn’t the easiest due to the size of the pool, you will probably need a few pairs of hands to get the structure up, after that simply fill the pool and you are good to go.

The pool also comes quipped with an A-Frame ladder, sand filtration system, wide mouth skimmer and more.

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The Blue Wave Rugged Steel Swimming Pool

Blue Wave Rugged Steel Swimming PoolThe Blue Wave Rugged Steel Swimming Pool is designed to last through the years and comes in 4 different sizes:

  • 12-feet diameter, 48 inches deep
  • 15-feet diameter, 52 inches deep
  • 18-feet diameter, 52 inches deep
  • 24-feet diameter, 52 inches deep

The pool comes with everything you could possibly need including a 15 year warranty, fully functional skimmer, pump and filter system. This pool, unlike many other similar pools, is very simple to setup.

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Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

IntexThe Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is built to last, its triple-strength super-tough laminated walls ensure that it will through the years even with heavy usage on a daily basis. Setup of the pool is also incredibly easy, just watch the DVD instructions and the pool will be ready for water in no time at all.

This pool comes in two different sizes:

  • 16 feet x 48 inches
  • 18 feet x 52 inches

You can also choose two different packages with the pool size you choose, the Sand Filter Pump package or the complete Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System package.

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Best Above Ground Pool

Advantages of an above ground pool:

    • Cheap in comparison with in-ground pools: An in-ground pool these days will cost you anything from $25,000 to $50,000, a huge amount of money that many simply could never afford. The best above ground pool designs are a great, far cheaper, alternative.
    • Space: Most of the best above ground pool designs can be erected and dismantled whenever you please. This can be great for those with little space who may need to take the pool down from time to time.
    • They aren’t permanent: Should you move home you can easily take your pool with you. You can also take them to a friends house or an event.
    • Time: One of the great aspects of an above ground pool is that you can have it ordered, up and running within 48 hours. If you have a party next weekend, you could easily have it up and ready for then.

Watch how easy it is to assemble an above ground pool in the video below: