How To Shock A Pool

How To Shock A PoolAll pool owners need to know how to shock a pool, shocking a pool means you can keep the water and pool conditions in the very best shape for use all year round.

If you already have an above ground pool then you probably know what it can look like if you don’t look after it. When you don’t take care of the water the pool will fill with bacteria and algae, causing the pool to turn cloudy, this is a scenario you really want to avoid. However, you can easily stop this from happening by taking a few simple steps.

What Is Pool Shock?

Every time you get into your swimming pool you are adding contaminants to the pool water. There is no way that you can stop this from happening, your skin sheds in the water, your body loses hair, you have deodorant and other fragrances on your body which soak into the water as well as a few other ways in which the water can be contaminated.

It’s not only humans that contaminate pools though, mother nature can throw in pretty much what she likes, usually leaves and twigs, this is why you should also look for the best swimming pool cover to suit your pool. All of this has a massive impact on your pool and unfortunately your pool cleaner alone won’t be able to do the job.

For this reason most people will put chlorine in their pool as this will kill bacteria and break down the containments in your pool water. Once the chlorine has attached to the unwanted things inside your pool, it has done its job and is no longer an active chlorine. This can possibly make your pool water even cloudier if you don’t get rid of it and this is where shock treatments play a roll.

Best Pool Shock Products

#1) Doheny’s Super Pool Shock

One of the best selling pool shocks on the market today! It may be a little more expensive than other pool shocks but it really is worth every penny! Simply dilute the required amount of shock, place in pool over night and let the pump run, the results are amazing, every single time!

#2) Aqua Chem 5-Pack Xtra Blue

If you are looking at a fairly mid price-range shock treatment then Aqua Chem 5-Pack Extra Blue is one of the best pool shock products available today. This product can be used in all types of pools, just place the shock in your pool and it is guaranteed to reduce chlorine, odours and eye irritation. An added bonus with this product is it is safe to swim again after just 15 minutes as opposed to the usual 8 hours.

#3) Pool Essentials Shock

By far the cheapest of the three pool shock brands, just add 1x per week to your pool to reduce chlorine and eye irritation. Maybe not as popular as the other two brands but great if you are on a shoe-string budget.

How To Shock A Pool

When To Shock A Pool

Generally shocking the pool should be done at night, many shock treatments don’t allow you to use the pool for 8 hour after so shocking the pool late in the evening is the perfect time to do it. You should also vacuum your pool before shocking it to make sure any debris is removed. Using a robotic pool vacuum such as a Tiger Shark, Baracuda or Diver Dave will reduce the manual maintenance required.

How Often Should You Shock A Pool?

You should really check your pool water once per week, making a schedule so you check it at the same time on the same day each week is the best way to go about it. Once the water is tested you can decide whether it needs a shock treatment or not.

A shock treatment may also be a good idea if the pool has been in heavy use due to a party or guests visiting. Shocking the pool once they have left will bring the levels of your pool back to a healthy range.

How To Use Pool Shock Treatment

For you to decide how you need to shock your pool, you must first work out what type of shock treatment you require. There are four different types of shock available:

1: Lithium Hypochlorite Shock

If you have calcium in the water then you won’t want to add more. This is a calcium free shock so you don’t need to pre-dissolve it. You will however need to avoid swimming in your pool for 8 hours after use.

2: Calcium Hypochlorite Shock

The best all-round shock treatment, it contains 65% chlorine and adds calcium to your pool. You will need to dissolve it into 5 gallon bucket of water before adding it to your pool. After 8 hours you will be able to use your clean pool once again.

3: DiChlor Shock

This type of shock is great if you live in a hot area, it adds cyanuric acid to your pool which is a chlorine stabilizer, this prevents chlorine from leaving quickly via the sun. As with the two above, you will need to wait 8 hours after use.

4: Potassium Peroxymonosulfate or Non-Chlorine Shock

Some folks will prefer the use of bromine in their pools as opposed to choline. If this is what you choose to do then you will need to use this type of shock treatment, it’s chlorine free and doesn’t need to be dissolved. You can use your pool after just 15 minutes rather than 8 hours.

Four Step Guide To Shocking Your Pool

Once you have chosen the right shock treatment you need to follow a few simple steps to ensure your own safety.

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection
  • Wear old clothes to prevent bleaching new ones
  • Use warm water to help dissolve the shock, use a stick to stir it
  • Poor in the shock slowly

If you follow these four steps then you should have no problems with adding shock to your pool and this job will soon become second nature to you.