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Intex Easy Set Pool Review

Intex Easy Set PoolIf you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy the sun with your family this summer then the Intex Easy Set Pool is a great option. Unlike many other pools it won’t set you back thousands of dollars.

Available in a range of different sizes, this Intex above ground pool is both affordable and simple to setup. All you need to setup the Intex Easy Set Pool is a flat area in your back yard. It really is that easy to get this pool up and running.

While this pool may not be for those who want something more sturdy and permanent, this incredibly popular pool does exactly what you expect, it allows you to have endless fun with the family and to easily cool down for just a couple of hundred dollars. Infact it’s so cheap that you could simply throw it away at the end of season and buy a new one next year.


Available Sizes:

  • 8ft X 30in Intex Easy Set Pool
  • 12ft X 30in Intex Easy Set Pool
  • 15ft X 36in Intex Easy Set Pool
  • 15ft X 42in Intex Easy Set Pool
  • 15ft x 48in Intex Easy Set Pool
  • 18ft X 48in Intex Easy Set Pool

What’s In The Box?

  • Pool
  • Filter
  • Setup DVD
  • Larger pools also come with a Krystal Clear Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth and Debris Cover

Materials: Laminated PVC side walls, inflatable top ring

Water Capacity: (80%) from 1,485 gallons to 5,455 gallons

Filter Pump Capacity: From 530 gallon per hour flow rate to 1,500 gallon per hour flow rate, 110-120 volts


Best Features Of The Intex Easy Set Pool

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Find a flat surface, inflate the top ring, fill with water and you are good to go
  • Durability: Laminated side walls makes the pool extra durable, three layers of material are used for maximum strength
  • Filter Pump: The pool comes with 110-120 volt filter pump that boasts a flow rate of 530 gallons per hour for the smaller pools and up to 1500 GPH for the larger versions
  • Water Capacity: Holds up to 1,485 gallons of water, 80% capacity for the smallest pool size or 5,455 gallons, 80% capacity for the largest size
  • Lightweight: Weighs just 33lbs (smallest size pool) before filling, easy to move around and assemble
Intex Easy Set Pool Review

The Intex Easy Set Pool is an incredibly popular pool that comes in a range of different sizes that will just about any back yard. Simply make sure the ground is level, then you can begin to assemble the pool and fill it with water. Unlike many larger pools the Intex Easy Set Pool is incredibly easy to setup and it won’t take long before you’re ready to jump in. If you do get stuck then simply play the setup and maintenance DVD that comes with it.

The pool is made with super-tough laminated PVC side walls that will reduce the chance of any holes appearing. The top ring is inflatable and gives the pool its sturdiness. Many people worry that low-cost pools won’t last very long, however, the Intex Easy Set Pool is very sturdy considering the low price. While it may not last for decades like many of the more expensive pools, you could easily get a few seasons out of it. The pool also comes with a 30 day warranty for peace of mind. If you do have any problems with it during setup or soon after then you can simply return it.

Included with the Intex Easy Set Pool is a filter pump that ranges from 530 gallons per hour and 1500 gallons per hour. The larger the pool the bigger the pump, larger pools also come with a ladder. Smaller versions of the pool don’t require a ladder to get in. All pools also come with a ground cloth and debris cover. This really is the complete package, at an incredible price all things considered. Using a garden hose this pool allows you to drain the water away easily at the end of season or if you simply wish to change the water.

All in all the Intex Easy Set Pool is a great choice of pool for those on a budget or those who simply don’t wish to spend too much on a pool. It’s easy to see why this pool is so popular with consumers, it offers countless hours of fun without the setup and maintenance issues of many other other above ground pools. However, should you want something a little more sturdy, then the Intex Metal Frame Pool may be a better option at a similar price.


  • Simple set up, as little as 15 minutes (no more than an hour)
  • Easy assembly and very lightweight
  • Great for those with limited space in their yard
  • Great choice for those on a tight budget, low cost makes this pool very affordable
  • Needs to be stored during winter, requires storage space
  • Not as sturdy as Metal Frame and Ultra Frame models
  • Pool pump and filter on the smaller pools is fairly basic (larger pools come with different pump and filter)

Intex Easy Set Pool Setup

The Intex Easy Set Pool couldn’t be easier to setup! Unlike many other pools on the market today, installation can be carried out by just one person.

The most important part of installing an Intex Easy Set Pool is the perpetration. Make sure the floor is both level and entirely clear of any debris before you start. Once this is done you can put down a ground cloth and begin filling your pool with water. You will also need to make sure you inflate the top ring for stability.

When the pool is filled, and the pump and filter is attached you are pretty much ready to go! The video below will show you just how easy it is to get this pool setup and ready to use.

Pool Suggestions

  • Consider upgrading pool pump and filter


The Intex Easy Set Pool is a low-cost pool, and the perfect choice for those who want a pool on a tight budget. While this pool may not have all the bells and whistles of far more expensive pools, it is incredibly easy to setup and use with very little fuss. Available in a wide ranges of sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect pool to fit your yard.

8.3 Total Score
A Quality Low-Cost Pool, Perfect For Those On A Tight Budget

The Intex Easy Set Pool is the perfect choice for those who want a hassle-free pool that they can setup for the summer and easily take down and store during thee winter. With prices and ranging from under $100 dollars to just a few hundred dollars, it is a great option for those on a strict budget, or those who simply don't wish to spend a fortune.

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