Why Is My Pool Cloudy? How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water!

Why Is My Pool Cloudy

Why is my pool cloudy? A cloudy pool can easily transform your magnificent pool into a complete eyesore in your yard. A pool that doesn’t have the correct chemical balance in them can easily turn cloudy very quickly, this can also cause other problems such as irritable eyes or even create a smell.

Unfortunately, a pool can turn literally over-night, one day it may look magnificent, the next it will look like a murky puddle rather than a pool. When this happens to your pool you need to understand why!

Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

Pool Chemicals

An imbalance in the pools chemicals may make your water cloudy, this includes high or low chlorine levels, high alkalinity or any other sanitizers you use in your pool. Without the right levels of chemicals in your pool the unwanted particles and contaminates will multiply in the water and turn it cloudy.

Filtration Problems

If you have a faulty filter system or you are not running your filter as required (usually 8 to 10 hours per day) your pool is likely to get dirty. The purpose of a filter system is to contentiously clean the pool water, every single day, when you fail to do this, your pool will get cloudy.


The pools surroundings can also cause cloudy pool water, rain, sun, pollen, bird droppings and other natural things you may find in and around the garden.

Pool Shocking

Sometimes you pool may turn cloudy after you have shocked it. This is fairly common and clears itself after some time. You should however keep your filter running so that it clears up as quickly as possible.

How To Clear Your Cloudy Pool Water!

Now that you are a ware of what can cause your pool water to go cloudy, you can now easily work out a way to fix it!

Before you try anything however, make sure you test the pool water using a home test kit to ensure that all chemicals are properly balanced. It is important that you address any chemical imbalances first.

Utilize A Pool Clarifier

Once a week you should make use of pool water clarifier, it works by collecting tiny particles that cause your pool water to get cloudy and binding them together so the filter can pick them up. If the particles aren’t clotted together it is hard for the filter to pick them up and so they stay in the pool until they have become so dense that the water looks murky.

Use A Pool Floc

Known as Flocculant, if you want your pool cleaned fast however you will need to work hard for the desired results. Flocking your pool works by assembling all the small particles that make the water cloudy and settling them on the bottom of the pool forming a cloud at the bottom.

Use A Vacuum

When the particles are settled at the bottom of the pool you manually vacuum them up with a pump. An automatic pool cleaner is no good in these situations as they will blow the cloud of particles from the floor up into the rest of the pool.

When you vacuum a pool make sure the filter is set on the backwash or waste option. The idea is to vacuum up all the cloudy water out of your pool because if you pass a lot of dirty water through the filter it may not function properly and the dirty water will flow back into the pool.

Use A Skimmer

The main point of a pool skimmer is to clean the the of the water which can’t be cleaned by a vacuum or any other method of cleaning.