How To Winterize An Above Ground Pool

Winterize An Above Ground PoolLearning how to winterize an above ground pool can really improve the life-span of your pool. Every season has elements which can damage your pool but its those winter months that can really give your pool a battering. As you don’t want to buy a new pool every year the best thing you can do for you pool is make it winter proof!

How To Winterize An Above Ground Pool

If you live in a region that freezes heavily and sees a lot of snow, making your pool winter ready is a must! The most important aspect is to stop your pool from freezing and causing damage to your pool equipment. When water freezes it expands and this can cause major issues to your pool liner, filtration and plumbing system.

Even in warmer environments, winterizing your pool is highly recommended when not in use so that you prevent accumulation of sediments and the build-up of algae.

What Pools Should You Winterize?

Inflatable pools and spas can easily be drained, deflated, and stored away for the winter. In-ground and above ground pools should be filled with water and winterized, vinyl liners can be easily damaged when there is no water in the pool so never leave them empty.

What You Will Require To Winterize Your Pool:

  • Pool Cover
  • Winterizing Chemical Kit
  • Skimmer Plug
  • Pump Cover
  • Cover Clips
  • Pool Wrap

These six things are definitely required to winterize your pool properly, there are a few additional extras you should also consider, such as pool rakes, pool brushes and additional chemicals.

How To Winterize An Above Ground Pool – Step by Step

Step 1

A few days before you close down your pool for winter, it is important to check water levels for alkalinity, chlorine and calcium hardness. If levels are not balanced make sure you adjust them now.

Step 2

Make sure your pool is clean, thoroughly vacuum and wipe down the entire pool.

Step 3

Disconnect the drain plugs from the filter tank and pump and all other pool equipment.

Step 4

Place the winter cover over the pool surface, black side should be down. Use the cover clips to secure the cover in place.

These are the four basic steps for winterizing your pool, you can of course do far more if you wish to. For instance you can use air pillows to place under the cover, these pillows allow ice that forms to crack inwards and prevent damage to the pool structure. You could also use a seal wrap to protect your pool against heavy winds.